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Today is the release of our NEW music video, “Machine Gun” from our album, Chioggia Beat.  This release is the kick off for our upcoming European Tour with highlighted concerts and workshops in Italy, Germany, and The Netherlands. We have amazing friends that are putting forth time & energy to help us with this tour, which is extremely an honor since we are not using management.  

For years we have dreamed of embarking on an International Tour. We aspire to plant new musical seeds around the world and educate listeners about our music. We hope this tour will open the door to countless musical opportunities where we can cultivate our musical voice and make an educational impact on a larger scope of performances, workshops, lessons, festivals, schools, and other institutions.  

During the month of October, we will be accepting donations for our musical journey; these donations will be applied to our travel expenses. $15 (or more) donations will guarantee an autographed copy of our latest CD, Chioggia Beat, OR a “Dancing Turtle” T-Shirt (while supplies last).  Any help is greatly appreciated.  

For years, family, friends, and fans have been telling us “you all would do so well in Europe,” so we are finally going to see if they are right.

We have also been working on something new which should be coming out in the next few months, so please keep a look out. :)

Thank you for all the amazing support!!!

With much respect,

Morwenna & Jay