Chioggia Beat


  • Release Date: October 06, 2009
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Format: CD Album & Digital (Upon Request)

Label: Kukicha Records




MoJa’s 1st album ‘Chioggia Beat’ was released through Kukicha Records on the October 06th, 2009. The album features appearances by Rashawn Ross (of Dave Matthews Band), Jamal Millner, Tom Lasko, Ezra John (Hamilton),  the late Johnny Gilmore, and World Artist Pierre Bensusan.

Track Listing

  1. Sheba’s Tea
  2. B-Loose
  3. Atip Ouypron
  4. Chioggia Beat
  5. Into The Hedges
  6. Kidane
  7. Machine Gun
  8. Koby’s Tune
  9. Mama
  10. Lil’More
  11. One Moore Farewell
  12. Live Wire

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